Struggling at the moment to come up a with a good title for our "first" post on our temporary site.

"So here's what's happening...It's good to be back...holding"

For a lack of a better title, we settled where we did in order to just move on, and tear off this bandaid, invite in the air, and pro-gress. Outdoor Junkiez has been on a minor hiatus due to the vulnerability of a lean startup business, new opportunities and what will in the future be referred to as "patience and intraspection." More so, we have multiple jobs and a lean budget for running and maintaining and innovating our website, and sometimes certain projects have to take a back seat. 

Like a back child's seat though, because that's the way we feel about Outdoor Junkiez, it's like our baby, it doesn't get the same treatment as most investments and businesses unfortunately. If things are slow or maybe not looking promising, we won't just adhere to the standard 5 year timeframe and cut-and-run. This is our baby.

So metaphors and long-winded editorial (geared to re-awaking my personal editorial voice) aside, Outdoor Junkiez is still here, we still want to develop and prop up good outdoor vibes, gear and community to share it. The rental platform and community sourced gear model is currently being redeveloped. In the past 5 years, we've learned a lot about what kind of gear people like to rent, how they like to rent it, what brands hold up the best and who our partners are. Our goal is to relaunch a new platform in the near future that not only offers gear packages and unique, quality gear to rent at your convenience, but also offer an outdoor community marketplace that represents and supports our environmental goals and culture. 

In the interim, we've staked a claim here (our temporary website) to continue to grow and communicate with our community, fund our new platform and keep the good vibes going. 

So thanks for sticking with us (joining us) on this journey, see you out there. 


Drew Farwell and the Outdoor Junkiez Team